Help me use indentation in OWA by adding shortcuts

There are a few shortcuts on the OWA web app, like bold (Ctrl + B).

One thing I find myself commonly missing is the shortcut to indent/outdent text.

Tab of course will not work because it will be handled by the browser to focus on elements.

I suggest using Ctrl + ] and Ctrl + [ to indent and outdent respectively.

There are many other actions that do not have shortcuts, all the actions on the bottom of the email composer should have a shortcut, but for now this feature would be great.

Figure: Currently there is no shortcut to indent text in OWA

Navigation – Help me know where I am

I click a link (sadly an unreadable link):

And I go here.


  1. Where am I? Can you please add a breadcrumb that takes me to the team that this file belongs to (see red arrow)
  2. The ‘Close’ button should be renamed to ‘Cancel’ because it takes you back to where you were eg. the last chat
Figure: The navigation is missing

Responses: Help me know my progress

  1. I have 50 responses to read… where am I up to?
    Suggestion: Show an indicator on this page
  2. When a new response comes afterwards… how do I know I have a new one to read?
    Suggestion: Have a read/unread like email
  3. When a response requires a comment from me … how do I do that?
    Suggestion: Have a comments with an @mention just like Teams and Azure DevOps. Eg.
Figure: How many more to read?

Help me see our chat and call history together

Can Microsoft Teams show our calls in the chat window… like Skype does?

Of course, maybe it only annoys me… so if there is more logic to this usability, I love to understand.

Figure: Bad example – Teams does *not* show our calls in the chat

Figure: Good example – Skype nicely shows the calls in the chat

Help me see what stuff exists – add a red thing to indicate some activity

This project is empty other than a few commits.

I think the UI should:

#1 Let me know what stuff is empty

#2 Guide me to any new stuff. In this case since I I have not opened the commits, I would like a red dot (like WeChat – the most popular app in China).

Figure: Adding 2 red dots on the newly added commits by someone else, would encourage me to click on the only useful areas

Figure: WeChat UX uses red dots to indicate new things v2

Comment Combo – Fix selecting ‘All comments’ does nothing


I have a new project, I am a new user, I have not entered a comment.

I open this combo and nothing happens when I click on any of these 3 options.

It is weird for it to do nothing upon any selection.

Can you change it to show numbers like:

  • All comments (0)
  • Active (0)
  • Hide (0)

Even better – replace the 3 choices with the text: “Put your 1st comment on the code”

Figure: 3 useless combos that leave a new user bamboozled

Comments – Help me comment on the check- in

Dear Product Planners,

I want to add a comment “You need to do smaller check-ins”… where do people put that today?

I’d like to see it on this commits right click menu.

Figure: Allow me to comment on the check-in size

More Info:

I’d love to know why I can *not* comment at the Commit level.

I should be able to say  “Where is the xxx file?” – basically a general comment on the overall commit. I can comment on each file, so why not on the commit?

Figure: After drilling in, there is no option in this “…” that says “Comment”

Help me find the newly added projects

A couple of projects were added today and I would love them to be sitting at the top. Alternatively, give me a sort combo (see red box)

And since I have not opened them, I would like a red dot (like WeChat – the most popular app in China).

Figure: Allow me to sort these projects


Figure: WeChat UX uses red dots to indicate new things