Prevent images to appear stretched

Some images in Zendesk tickets show stretched on less wide screens. The steps that caused this behavior were:

  1. Created task in zendesk portal
  2. Snagited screen
  3. Pasted image in the task

Please fix.

Figure: Images stretched looks bad

It’s likely caused by the fixed height inline style generated by Zendesk:

<img src="" >data-original-height="275" data-original-width="847" style="height: 275px; width: 847px" naptha_cursor="region">

Suggestion for iOS views

1) I see this view is fixed. Obviously, I mustn’t have permissions to change it. It would be a nice UX to have a menu item to ‘View | Email the view owner’. That would enable you to request a change to the view. E.g. Sort order change

2) It would also be nice to have a menu item ‘View | See view owners/creator’’ to know who can edit the particular view. Also would like the ability to see the last person who has modified the view

3) It would be nice to see the current sorted column. Either bold the column or add an icon in the column header