Help people finish the form in the timebox

I love Microsoft Forms records the time taken and give us a summary at the end.

Can you work out a reasonable timebox (a touch of Azure AI) based on the other submitted forms and the number of questions…. and give a little beep say every 5 minutes if they have exceeded the time that is reasonable.

One person can forget to finish their Microsoft Form and leave their browser open and it screws up all stats.

As an example everyone in my company was close enough to the 15 minute timebox – this one person ruined the stats.

Figure: Microsoft Forms didn’t remind this person to finish
Figure: So my stats are not useful

Responses: Help me know my progress

  1. I have 50 responses to read… where am I up to?
    Suggestion: Show an indicator on this page
  2. When a new response comes afterwards… how do I know I have a new one to read?
    Suggestion: Have a read/unread like email
  3. When a response requires a comment from me … how do I do that?
    Suggestion: Have a comments with an @mention just like Teams and Azure DevOps. Eg.
Figure: How many more to read?

Help me see our chat and call history together

Can Microsoft Teams show our calls in the chat window… like Skype does?

Of course, maybe it only annoys me… so if there is more logic to this usability, I love to understand.

Figure: Bad example – Teams does *not* show our calls in the chat

Figure: Good example – Skype nicely shows the calls in the chat