Help me have a consistent experience between the Windows version and the Teams version

This is the history from Microsoft:  

Some background on the tech stack and roadmap:

  • The first Whiteboard app we released was a Windows (UWP) app on an Azure back end. This is still the form factor with the richest feature set.
  • We later added the web app (Web + Teams) which we are gradually evolving. The web canvas will eventually be the single canvas that powers all apps.
  • In parallel, we are moving the back end to ODSP (OneDrive/SharePoint). This is the right platform to handle the required scale, compliance, and sharing capabilities.
  • At the end of this transition period all clients (Teams, Web, Windows, iOS, Android, Surface Hub) will run on a single version of the web canvas to support collab scenarios across all devices.

That transition is complex because we need to build up capabilities on the web app to the level of the Windows client (and beyond), while transitioning the back end, and while also supporting cross-device collaboration sessions across different app versions (e.g. Windows and web) and back-ends.

Help me use indentation in OWA by adding shortcuts

There are a few shortcuts on the OWA web app, like bold (Ctrl + B).

One thing I find myself commonly missing is the shortcut to indent/outdent text.

Tab of course will not work because it will be handled by the browser to focus on elements.

I suggest using Ctrl + ] and Ctrl + [ to indent and outdent respectively.

There are many other actions that do not have shortcuts, all the actions on the bottom of the email composer should have a shortcut, but for now this feature would be great.

Figure: Currently there is no shortcut to indent text in OWA

Help me avoid losing Microsoft Forms when employees leave

I have had employees leave SSW and we have had little dramas later… this is when I discover that we have lost their forms. Has this happened to any of you?

Losing Microsoft Forms when employees leave your company can be avoided by making sure they share it to a team and not to one user.


I would like a warning in the form that says this form is an orphan and is not shared to a team.


…even better, have an admin portal that allows you to assign the missing form to a new owner.

Figure: This form was shared to a bunch of people but when the creator left, it was lost

To repro:

Figure: Open form (you can see it)
Figure: But you only get “Sorry, something went wrong  This form doesn’t exist”

Bug – Mobile View List differences between IOS and Android

Figure: View of list from Android – Expecting to see 9 fields
Figure: View of list on IOS – expecting to see 9 fields (or at least consistent with Android)
  1. Inconsistency – Why do I see different fields on the same SharePoint list when on Android vs iPad?
  2. Not seeing 9 fields – Neither of these views have the 9 fields that I have in the mobile view?

It seems that the app is ignoring all of the view settings.

Figure: View Applied
Figure: View Settings – Fields Selected
Figure: View Settings – 9 items selected in “Number of items to display…”