Help me see the exact date a change was made

Office 365 dates seem to be too simple. Audit data should be crystal clear (as detailed as possible).

I find audit history on Office365 to be lacking E.g.

It certainly is less useful than Sharepoint 2016 as dates were shown better.

I searched for a record on the 2 lists and here is what I see:

Office 365
Eg. show me last activity as Friday at 2:15 PM
SharePoint 2016
Eg. show me last activity as Created at 9/03/2018 5:06 PM

I find it less useful as it doesn’t tell me the date it was created on. I would prefer to have something like “2 days ago at 2:15 PM (Friday 9/03/2018)

PS: This is very simple to do with Moment.js

Figure: Office365 – Audit data

Figure: SharePoint 2016 – Audit data

Data loss – don’t let me lose my text and screenshot

  • I take a screenshot and a small thumbnail appears on the bottom left
  • Click it and open it
  • I want to share it so I clicked the icon and choose mail
  • Typed stuff (recipient, subject, content)
  • Switch to another app and it’s gone!
  • There is no way to find it anywhere
    (I’d expect it in mail Drafts, but it’s not there)

Data loss!

Don’t use that screenshot feature until they fix the data loss.

Help me remember what to do with an email

I’m on a long flight right now traveling from the USA to Australia doing emails.  It would be great to have a feature that made you need to use Microsoft’s iOS app over the build it Apple mail app. I have one that would make me always use it!

I’m forgetful so when I get an email and think “I’ll call them back” or “I’ll add the to the VSTS backlog later” or “Speak to my girls at home” etc
I find I too often forget.

I’d love tags “To call”… “Add to backlog”… “My girls” etc.

Any +1’s on this? Or do you have a better system than your memory?

Figure: Microsoft’s iOS mail app needs custom Tags

Figure: Apple’s iOS mail app does not have custom Tags

Suggestion for iOS views

1) I see this view is fixed. Obviously, I mustn’t have permissions to change it. It would be a nice UX to have a menu item to ‘View | Email the view owner’. That would enable you to request a change to the view. E.g. Sort order change

2) It would also be nice to have a menu item ‘View | See view owners/creator’’ to know who can edit the particular view. Also would like the ability to see the last person who has modified the view

3) It would be nice to see the current sorted column. Either bold the column or add an icon in the column header

Let me re-open my last bunch of tabs

This missing feature for me is a show-stopper that keeps me on Chrome. There are 2 scenarios that I need to be supported. The first is a blue screen where I want Edge to pick up where I left off. The second is when I accidentally hit the Close button (top right) and go ‘ooops’.

For example, I had 20 tabs opened on Edge – normally Edge is good about keeping my last tabs when I reboot. Yesterday I had an unexpected restart on my Surfacebook and after the PC restarted – all my tabs were all gone. I have no idea why.

Is there any way to reopen my last closed tabs?

History doesn’t help.

Summary: I won’t use Edge as my main browser until I get Control + Shift + T that re-opens my last bunch of tabs.

FYI – This command in Chrome works as described  E.g. It will open my last 10 tabs: