Help Me View “My Access” approval details directly

When it comes to software, user experience is paramount. One area that could benefit from improvement is the way we handle ‘My Access’ approvals.

Current Experience

When someone requests access, the recipient gets a detailed email with a neat table. This table clearly shows who requested what access and their reasons for doing so.

Figure: Access request shows reasons

Room for Improvement 

However, when it comes to approval notifications, the details are missing. The recipient only knows that the access was approved but doesn’t see who approved it or why. To find this information, they have to click a link and navigate through the history to locate the specific approval.

Figure: Approval email doesn’t show who approved it and why they approved the access


It would significantly enhance the user experience if the approval email could directly provide these details, similar to the access request email. This change would offer users a consistent experience, reduce the number of steps to find information, and increase overall efficiency.