Help me remember what to do with an email

I’m on a long flight right now traveling from the USA to Australia doing emails.  It would be great to have a feature that made you need to use Microsoft’s iOS app over the build it Apple mail app. I have one that would make me always use it!

I’m forgetful so when I get an email and think “I’ll call them back” or “I’ll add the to the VSTS backlog later” or “Speak to my girls at home” etc
I find I too often forget.

I’d love tags “To call”… “Add to backlog”… “My girls” etc.

Any +1’s on this? Or do you have a better system than your memory?

Figure: Microsoft’s iOS mail app needs custom Tags

Figure: Apple’s iOS mail app does not have custom Tags

Time Zone – Change “All Day Appointment” to be an all day appointment

Outlook currenly uses 12 AM to 12 PM for All Day Events. This creates problem when it is for different time zone. A full-day event is a full-day event, no matter what time zone your are in.

It would be useful to use additional time zone feature in outlook to display local time zone without changing time of operating system. Either you can change all day event to local time zone setting.

One best option to handle with this problem is storing all time zone using UTC(Universal Cordinated Time) so that there is no need for any other time settings and appointment can be rendered using local time zone.

Ken Getz says more on this:
Time Zone Disaster – All Outlook Appointments Bite the Dust

Check for template updates

If you have a PowerPoint using an older version of a template and want to:

  1. See what version you are using
  2. Migrate to the latest version

Can I not have an option to ‘Check for Updates’ for the template, instead of starting a fresh new PowerPoint and importing the slides over?



Figure: Why can't we check for layout updates?

Figure: Why can’t we check for layout updates?

Outlook ‘Compact Now’ UI

I know I can run ‘Compact Now’ manually. I just did some archiving and ran it now and it took about 12 hours (overnight)… however I should know that I don’t have to.

  1. The UI should explain that this compacting happens in the background. (in the PST’s background idle task).
  2. The UI should so that it is currently running.
    That way you know if the performance problems that you are experiencing are related to compaction.
    Gee Whizzzz?I should not have to ask to show what is going on with my PC?.
    I am just asking for a ‘Polite UI’
  3. The UI should show that this is primarily about space savings, not improving performance.
    After I delete a lot of emails, I should see something different that indicates space can be saved.

    And if the UI is good, after I install Outlook 2007 SP2, and since things changed, (where you allowed the internal free space to grow – for a trade-off to allow for better locality of writes), I would see this in the UI.

    Figure: This UI needs 3 features added

    Figure: This UI needs 3 features added

Spelling – Microsoft Word should pick up all spelling/grammar issues

It is very important that Microsoft Word picks up all spelling/grammar issues. It may be one little bug, but more likely this bug could affect a lot of possible sentences.
More and more people with English as their second language rely on this to make their emails professional.

When you type a sentence using the verb in the singular form with the subject is in the plural form, “Spelling and Grammar Check” tool does not pick it up as an error unless you keep typing more words after that.
E.g. “For documents that belongs on the inside…” should be “For documents that belong on the inside…”



Figure: BUG  - Microsoft Word's Spelling and Grammar Check tool can't pick up some correct words

Figure: BUG – Microsoft Word’s Spelling and Grammar Check tool can’t pick up some correct words

Figure: BUG  - Microsoft Word's Spelling and Grammar Check tool does not highlight the error if you have "..." at the end of the sentence

Figure: BUG – Microsoft Word’s Spelling and Grammar Check tool does not highlight the error if you have “…” at the end of the sentence

Note: We also rely on this with our Do you use Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checker to make your web content professional? rule.