Dynamics 365 – Help me delete appointments from Outlook

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook is a really useful tool for integrating Dynamics 365 and Outlook, especially for tracking appointments. However, it could be improved to make it even better!

Cancelling an appointment in Outlook should delete the appointment in Dynamics 365

If an appointment is tracked to Dynamics 365, there are 2 steps required to remove it:
– Untrack and delete from the Dynamics 365 App
– Cancel the appointment

There should be a way to delete the appointment in Dynamics 365 when it is cancelled – either as a popup each time you cancel in Outlook, or as a global setting in Dynamics 365.

This would potentially solve another issue – currently, it is not possible to track/untrack single occurrences of a series of appointments. If cancelling an appointment in Outlook also deleted it from Dynamics 365, then a single occurrence could also be deleted that way.

Figure: Outlook | Dynamics 365 App | “Recurring appointment occurrence cannot be tracked”

Help me know what license I have

There is inconsistency in the Person menus…

✅ Figure: Good example – Power BI shows my “License type:” is Pro
❌ Figure: Bad example – Office 365 does not tell me what license I have
❌ Figure: Bad example – Dynamics 365 does not tell me what license I have

More Info: 

In this case the Office | Person menu should show ”Microsoft 365 E3”

And link off to  https://portal.office.com/account/?ref=MeControl 

Figure: My Account shows the licenses you own