Help me move part of a conversation

I am on a mobile device a lot E.g. iOS and often people send tasks on it.

Currently, I can only select 1 message at a time and copy and paste somewhere else.


Allow me to select a bunch of messages and pop up the menu and see:

  • Copy and paste
  • Send to a new email
  • Send to OneNote
  • Send to Azure DevOps work item
  • Send to Trello

Figure: I want to combine these 4 messages and send to an email

Help me do less clicking by showing number of items

Dear Microsoft Teams,

I’d love to do less clicking… seeing nothing… and then going back.

E.g. An example of that kind of frustration would be clicking on “Files” (when there is nothing in that folder) then seeing nothing and going back.

And get

Can you change the iPhone mobile app to show the number of items by default?




   Files (0)
   Wiki (4)

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