Help me see the history for each dashboard widget

It would be awesome if we could see who added or configured a widget on an Application Insights dashboard.

When a widget has appeared on the page and you would like to speak to the person about the purpose of it, it would be nice to see an “Activity Log” or “Dashboard History” page.

Who added this widget? The Application Insights Dashboard should have an “Activity Log”

Advise when the contacted person is busy

When I message someone and don’t pay attention to their status (Busy, In a call, Presenting, etc.) I want the Teams Bot/App to reply with something like:

Adam Cogan is currently in a call and may not be notified of your message. If it is urgent, please click here to send the notification now.

This will be a useful feature so that we are made aware of the recipient’s status before we start pinging them continuously.

Slack has this already implemented with its DND (Do Not Disturb) feature. Link to example: Knock, knock: Introducing Do Not Disturb

Figure: Example image from Slack blog showing their DND feature