Adam Cogan reviews the Tesla Model S

Adam Cogan takes you through the good and the bad of his 2015 Tesla Model S.

List of things to improve:

  1. Profile – Support for more than 10 users
  2. Centre storage as standard
  3. Back seats – Clips to hang shirts
  4. Pre-installed dashcam
  5. Phone mount
  6. Weight driver to select profile
  7. Keep driver statistics
  8. Cameras above front wheels
  9. Physical button to open front trunk (inside and outside)
  10. Sound to confirm the car is locked
  11. Notifications on phone that windows are down
  12. Add Skype app
  13. Add weather app
  14. Add web browser
  15. Add mail app
  16. Introduce app for Windows Phone *irrelevant
  17. Show which profile used which bluetooth device
  18. Improve updating experience

It would be great if Tesla considered adding this feature to its cars.

Help me have a quiet experience when traveling on a freeway

Reduce inside noise as per the thread below.

I have a Tesla Model S. Has anyone noticed that the road and wind noise is much greater in the Tesla than other comparable cars like BMW and Mercedes? Those cars are much quieter. 

by Frank Kemper