Unnecessary notification groups

1. Why is this notification for a team shown in the “Activity” and not the “Teams” group

2. Why do we have the “Activity” tab at all? I don’t think it’s needed.

3. Furthermore, do we even need the “Teams” tab. I don’t think so, I’d like them all together like Skype

Help me Clean Conversations…I see too much noise!

Please make Teams work nicely for those that have OCD :-)

  1. If I delete a message. I am OK with seeing “This message has been deleted” for a little while
    But then I want an option to get rid of it. Eg. a cross “x” to get rid of that too
  2. If I delete a message, I want the thread deleted too (see red arrow below)
  3. If I install a bot, ask for some help, then realize I didn’t like it. I now want it *all* gone.
    Currently, I can remove the bot, and my own message to the bot, just not the 2 message from the bot (see below)

Help me move off Skype, auto add the contacts

I’m not sure if you’ll agree with this but I thought I’d pass it on.

My personal assistant Joanna is reluctantly moving off Skype.

What should her first experience be? Should ‘Chat’ have a list of names even before chatting to anyone?

She just pinged me and said:

Okay, I’ve switched from Skype to Teams. I’ve been added to the team called “SSW”. When I go to chat to someone, I expect to see all the people in those teams. I feel like I am starting afresh and almost need to add all my Skype contacts again manually. This is not the starting experience I expected.

Figure: Joanna’s first experience is this… no names…

[Also posted at https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/19527574-help-me-move-off-skype-auto-add-the-contacts]

Help me create a new page

  1. In o365, click New and users get 3 options. Which option should I use?
  2. I think you’ll say the 3rd one. The new one. I think Microsoft should bold the 3rd one and move it to the top. Right?
  3. Are the first 2 basically the same, with the 2nd one giving more extensibility?
  4. Do you think those first 2 legacy choices should be combined?
  5. If not I’d change the name of the 2nd option from “Web Part Page” to “Wiki Page with Layout options”
  6. Do you think the 3rd option “Site Page” should be renamed to “Modern Page”
  7. In general marketing terms I think “web part” is dated and they have a bad history – call the new ones “widgets” please

Figure: Confusion will ensure here…

[Also posted at https://sharepoint.uservoice.com/forums/330318-sharepoint-administration/suggestions/19505032-help-me-create-a-new-page]