IE9 and Rich Text Comment field

For the last few years, I have been hoping that Scott Guthrie would give us a rich text field in Silverlight (and supported copying and pasting images on the clipboard)… Like Word gives us today.

Would it be better for IE9 to give us an awesome Rich Text Control that does this?

I am thinking about the use in CRM, TFS and SharePoint; however every blog out there could use it in their comments…
And everyone would want to use IE over the other browsers.

Here is just one example of people kind of requesting this feature on codeplex:
Allow formatting in comments

Here is an other

Figure: This does not allow adding an image (ideally you want to paste from the clipboard)

Figure: This does not allow adding an image (ideally you want to paste from the clipboard)

Canvas and SVG – when will IE support it?

Clearly it is missing from Google’s presentation

Anybody think this is hurting IE’s market share?

Anybody consider this is solved, since we now have:

SVG Web’ is a JavaScript library at


‘Google Chrome Frame’, an open source plug-in that brings Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer

Figure: HTML5 Support

Figure: HTML5 Support

Help me undo a hotel broadband inflicted Redirect

I am travelling in (say) NZ and accessing the Net through the Hotel’s broadband access system. If I have to reboot I save all my current open tabs when I close down Internet Explorer.

After I reboot and reopen IE every page is redirected to the hotel broadband login homepage. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh… Not happy. I won’t be able to remember and I am not going through all my history for the last week.

Figure: All pages have been redirect to hotel page

Figure: All pages have been redirect to hotel page

Help me take advantage of great IE developments in Windows, not just IE

The main purpose of Internet Explorer should be to render web pages. There is no point having a massive UI shell it should be kept to a minimum, just like it is now. If individuals need more they can download an add-on. This gives consumers more choices and is the way to go. I could add on the Google Toolbar or the Altavista Toolbar depending on my needs.

Gestures are a very handy feature in some other browsers, such as Opera and Firefox, where specific mouse movements can be associated with actions. For example, holding down the button and moving the mouse to the right navigates forward in your browser history.

It is clear to see the great ideas in Firefox, wouldn’t it be even better if we could all use these innovations in our own Windows applications. Build them into Windows not into IE. Seeing these changes in the next service pack for windows would be great.