Let me re-open my last bunch of tabs

This missing feature for me is a show-stopper that keeps me on Chrome. There are 2 scenarios that I need to be supported. The first is a blue screen where I want Edge to pick up where I left off. The second is when I accidentally hit the Close button (top right) and go ‘ooops’.

For example, I had 20 tabs opened on Edge – normally Edge is good about keeping my last tabs when I reboot. Yesterday I had an unexpected restart on my Surfacebook and after the PC restarted – all my tabs were all gone. I have no idea why.

Is there any way to reopen my last closed tabs?

History doesn’t help.

Summary: I won’t use Edge as my main browser until I get Control + Shift + T that re-opens my last bunch of tabs.

FYI – This command in Chrome works as described  E.g. It will open my last 10 tabs: