Microsoft Forms and Delve – Help me find the Forms Responses (aka surveys) I have answered

When I fill in forms for my company, I should be able to find each one (just like I do a Microsoft Word doc I created).

I understand that a Form is not a file stored in a Document Library like other Office docs, but I do think you could hack something so it could be surfaced.

Figure: In this view I should be able to see the Microsoft Forms responses I’ve submitted

Help me find the Teams that contain my forms

When I navigate to I see all the Microsoft Teams. Even ones, with no Forms in them, or which have been inactive forever. That’s a lot of visual noise.

Moreover, the Teams seem to be randomly ordered.  It would be nice if they were ordered by last updated by default and we could choose a different ordering (e.g. Alphabetical) if we wanted.

Help me be able to find the team easier by 

  • Hiding Teams with 0 forms
  • Allowing Teams to be ordered by last updated and alphabetically.
Figure: See red box – There are a bunch of teams with 0 forms, they should all be hidden by default!

Automatically move a Microsoft Form created from a template into a Team

When I create a Microsoft Form from a template, I must follow an arduous process to get the Form into the right team so we can track the data.

First, it goes into my personal teams, then I must move it to a team, then I need to add it to a tab, then I must move the excel file to the folder I want!

Instead, there should be an option to choose which team and folder the form goes in.

See this video for the current steps, I’m proposing that most of these steps should be automated:

Figure: Save me from teaching people to do all these steps because they never remember!

Help me order results by the order we define the options in

I think this would be affecting every Microsoft Forms customer who reads the results. 
When I look at results on the Microsoft Form, they can be ordered alphabetically, or by user, or by date filled. However, I cannot order them by the order I wrote the original questions in.

Therefore, I currently solve this by prefixing every question with a number, so it orders by the number.

Instead, there should be an option to sort by the order of the options (and it should be the default order).

Figure: As a workaround, we use numbers to order by option type, but it would be better if this was built-in

Microsoft Forms results should show in SharePoint news

There are a couple things that frustrate me about SharePoint News. I believe that Microsoft Forms results should be shown in SharePoint news. By fixing this, SharePoint news will be more useful.

I see 2 problems:
❌ SharePoint News is not used a lot in most companies I work with
❌ Not many people in a company know when is the right time to read a Forms survey results…. Or even that you can.

✅ When you are looking through the results of a Microsoft form, it would be great if there was an easy option to show the results in SharePoint News.

✅✅ Even better would be a way that the Form owner who reviews the comments, could add their own commentary to give context, before the others get to read them.

Help me know who I am signed in as

When filling in a form the user icon (aka Account Name) on the top right is missing.

It would be awesome if the Forms questionnaire showed who was signed in. They could copy the Forms responses which is really clear. So it would be awesome if they had the same green bar below:

✅ Figure: Good example – In the green bar I can see who is signed in being “PW”
❌ Figure: Bad example – How the forms currently look – there is no indication who is signed in

Pie vs Bar charts

Dear Microsoft Forms Product Owner,

When looking at the feedback from my forms surveys, I prefer Bar Charts over Pies. Does anyone like Pies? – I find them less readable.

Suggestion: I would like to go to Tools | Options and set my preference

Question: I think I have noticed that Forms show Bars when there are 6 or more options. Right?
If so, I guess I should always make sure I have 6 options 😊 😊

Figure: Pie chart


Figure: Bar chart

That is an odd decision. I was just talking to a person form New Zealand who said:

“we actually have a rule to never use a pie chart :) The only time they’re somewhat useful is if you are comparing 2 things. Anything more and it’s not really readable”

Please fix it or give us an option to allow us to fix it.

Help me avoid losing Microsoft Forms when employees leave

I have had employees leave SSW and we have had little dramas later… this is when I discover that we have lost their forms. Has this happened to any of you?

Losing Microsoft Forms when employees leave your company can be avoided by making sure they share it to a team and not to one user.


I would like a warning in the form that says this form is an orphan and is not shared to a team.


…even better, have an admin portal that allows you to assign the missing form to a new owner.

Figure: This form was shared to a bunch of people but when the creator left, it was lost

To repro:

Figure: Open form (you can see it)
Figure: But you only get “Sorry, something went wrong  This form doesn’t exist”