Help me improve the experience of writing hands-free emails on Outlook and Word with Dictate

Things I have problems with:

  1. Clunky with list items – You have to slow down a lot to make sure it recognises your commands like “next line”
  2. Can’t do any Alt commands
    • E.g. Can’t add email signature (Alt NAS)
    • E.g. Can’t track in CRM (Alt HY1)
  3. Won’t recognise autocorrects
  4. UI – Can’t easily see that you’re mid-dictation like you can with Siri (the movement to on the icon to recognise noises)

Make Power BI published reports print properly

If trying to print a report from the web published view (i.e.…….etc.) , it zooms in on the middle right of the report, instead of printing the full page.

Figure: Bad Example – Print view of a Power BI report from the web published view zooms in to the middle of the report

Figure: Good Example – If you’re properly logged into the Power BI portal, the report prints fine

This needs to be fixed.