How to sell the fact that Scrum does not allow for any time or cost estimates?

Scrum pushes the fact that devs are bad at estimating, and instead of providing methods to help with this process, it asserts that you should simply explain that any estimate will be wrong, so we’re just going to work on the most important stuff 1st, and then when the client runs out of money, we’ll stop. How can this compete against competitors who give a price up front? Is there any guidance on how to sell this?

Give some examples

The scrum guide is very generic, which is great to make it accessible to anyone, but this is at the cost of being specific enough to be very useful.

I would love to see examples of:

  • How a dev team can predict capacity
  • How a Product Owner can predict the end date of a project
  • How a PO defines the value of a Product Backlog Item (PBI)
  • How a team should estimate the size of PBIs