Help me search for root site only (no subsites)

The “File, Folder or Site” box shouldn’t a simple text filter.

Say I want to have results for my root site only ( – without subsites (say,, I have currently no way of doing it. Searching for “” will give me results that are in subsites or pretty much anything that includes “”.

Suggestion: Either implement “smart” search with the keyword (E.g. “” AND (NOT “”)) OR add a multi-select dropdown to pick the sources (sites, subsites, teams, etc…)

Figure: “file, folder or site” filter box at the bottom of search criteria

Help me see the exact date a change was made

Office 365 dates seem to be too simple. Audit data should be crystal clear (as detailed as possible).

I find audit history on Office365 to be lacking E.g.

It certainly is less useful than Sharepoint 2016 as dates were shown better.

I searched for a record on the 2 lists and here is what I see:

Office 365
Eg. show me last activity as Friday at 2:15 PM
SharePoint 2016
Eg. show me last activity as Created at 9/03/2018 5:06 PM

I find it less useful as it doesn’t tell me the date it was created on. I would prefer to have something like “2 days ago at 2:15 PM (Friday 9/03/2018)

PS: This is very simple to do with Moment.js

Figure: Office365 – Audit data

Figure: SharePoint 2016 – Audit data

Add full-colour heads-up display (like Lexus LC 500)

BMW = yes
Mercedes = yes

This is a feature only the driver will see. In the Lexus the heads-up display (HUD) projects a range of essential navigation, safety and performance info directly on to the windshield in front of the driver — it almost looks like a hologram on your bonnet.

Figure: It would be nice to see it in the Tesla.

Source: What it’s like to drive the $199K Lexus LC 500 from Black Panther for a week

Data loss – don’t let me lose my text and screenshot

  • I take a screenshot and a small thumbnail appears on the bottom left
  • Click it and open it
  • I want to share it so I clicked the icon and choose mail
  • Typed stuff (recipient, subject, content)
  • Switch to another app and it’s gone!
  • There is no way to find it anywhere
    (I’d expect it in mail Drafts, but it’s not there)

Data loss!

Don’t use that screenshot feature until they fix the data loss.