Help me see the history for each dashboard widget

It would be awesome if we could see who added or configured a widget on an Application Insights dashboard.

When a widget has appeared on the page and you would like to speak to the person about the purpose of it, it would be nice to see an “Activity Log” or “Dashboard History” page.

Who added this widget? The Application Insights Dashboard should have an “Activity Log”

Help me find the highlight and font color

Dear Microsoft Teams Team,

Microsoft Teams suggestion – Help me find the highlight and font color

I expect no-one uses these 2 buttons regularly like they do in Outlook and Word. Therefore I think if you look at the current status of usage, these icons would not be used that much. If you were to change them to look just like Microsoft Word I’d bet the usage figures would go up.

Please consider using the same colour on the highlight and font colour icons

Figure: Good example – In Word, I am very used to seeing the yellow and the red
Figure: Bad example – In Teams, I think these 2 icons are unrecognizable !! The A looks like an underline

Help me find and remove a Microsoft Form

(Please tell me if I got this wrong and it is for the Microsoft Forms Team)

In Teams, you may have mistakenly moved a Microsoft Form into the team and now you want to get rid of it… but it is quite invisible.

  1. Can you add an easy way to get to this screen (on the right)?
    Maybe add a 3rd option (after Rename and Remove) called “View this Form on Microsoft Forms | Group Forms”

I hope this helps…

Figure: Can we have an easy way to get to the screen on the right?

Help me avoid anonymous for internal employees

When looking at form responses and seeing “Respondent x” it is an unpleasant experience.

This happens when you change the form to be available outside the organization. Now all responses are anonymous.

This should not happen for the internal employees.

Figure: In this case, the form was changed midway to allow external people also to join in. Unfortunately, all respondents (including internal) are now anonymous 💥

Suggestion to Microsoft: Please add a new setting that requires you to log in to a Microsoft account before submitting a response (could be your Domain eg. SSW or personal). Then we can share the Form externally, but also store the internal employee names on the submitted form (essential for follow up questions).

Nasty workaround: Add an extra question to the form asking who it is, but that still wouldn’t give us the email address… So we would need to add another question for that too. 

Help me read the comments for “Other” easily

When you have 6 options like this, and one is “Other”, the users will type answers and then you want to read them. The problem is if, in the answers, you don’t give numbers or letters for each choice…

Figure: There are 7 users who selected “Other”
Figure: Which one is “Other”? A better UI would have #13 highlighted in yellow or in italic, so you easily know that answer was manually typed. A prefix “Other – ” could also do the job

Tip: To avoid this problem and make it easier than find the others add “1. 2. 3 etc” or “A, B, C, etc” See Rules to Better Microsoft Forms

Help me know what resources a client has access to

Inside SSW, we have added a lot of clients into the Teams team. On the downside, you start seeing a lot of names you don’t know.

John is a client and a person I don’t really know. It took me a long time to know what he has access to here at SSW.

On this popup window it would be nice if you show something like this:

John has access to:

  • 1 team
  • 1 DevOps project
  • 2 invoices (via an extensibility point)
Figure: Suggestion – Add a 5th icon here “Activity”  (this would enable the user to learn more about what John has access to)
Figure: On this 3rd tab Activity, please add what John has access to