Help me see who approved Pull Requests

When I look at a list of closed Pull Requests, I can see easily see who created them, but not who approved them…

Currently, I need to click on each PR to see who approved them; or add a filter “reviewed-by:” if I want to see all items approved by a specific person…

Figure: I’d like to see “Approved by xxx” instead of just “Approved”

Bug – Mobile View List differences between IOS and Android

Figure: View of list from Android – Expecting to see 9 fields
Figure: View of list on IOS – expecting to see 9 fields (or at least consistent with Android)
  1. Inconsistency – Why do I see different fields on the same SharePoint list when on Android vs iPad?
  2. Not seeing 9 fields – Neither of these views have the 9 fields that I have in the mobile view?

It seems that the app is ignoring all of the view settings.

Figure: View Applied
Figure: View Settings – Fields Selected
Figure: View Settings – 9 items selected in “Number of items to display…”

Help me annotate our Microsoft Forms responses

One of the things I’ve learnt using Microsoft Forms is that employees want to get feedback on their feedback, otherwise they feel that their time went into a blackhole. 

Therefore, after all the responses come in, I review the comments and I find I want to bold and highlight remarkable feedback. 

Workaround – You cannot do this now, so we must copy the responses into a Word document and annotate it there. Then I record a video and send it to the staff, an example (of a public one) is below.


  1. Please allow Microsoft Forms responses to be annotated
  2. Please allow an emoji to be given to a response
  3. Please give us an extra “Notes” column after the “Responses” column
  4. Please have the whole form have a “Notes” field too, so I can place comments there
    E.g. the URL of the feedback video
Figure: When viewing Microsoft Forms responses, it should be possible to annotate them
Figure: See this video where we must copy all the responses into word to be able to annotate them

Help me see a large camera preview

Camtasia 2021 is a big step up from the 2018 and 2019 versions.

See rule:

Tip: Camtasia 2021 is recommended because it vastly improves upon 2018 and 2019. 

Just before you record, you might want to check small details in the background. One piece of pain is you can not see the full screen of your laptop’s camera in Camtasia.

The workaround was not easy enough to discover when you have 3 people standing around you.

Workaround Tip: To see the full screen, first turn off the camera in Camtasia, then open the Windows Camera App.

It would be great if Camtasia allowed a “preview” of the full camera. See the below screenshots for details.

If that cannot be done, please add a link “Preview Hack” that pops a message to turn off Camtasia’s camera… and once done, will launch the Windows Camera app.

Figure: The Camtasia app that we cannot preview the Camera with (well it is too small)
Figure: This is what you want. To use the Windows Camera app to preview the Camera

Help me understand “refresh history” better

This problem comes up every couple of weeks so I thought of 4 things that would help Power BI users.

See email of failed refresh below. I get this email periodically telling me of an error. Thank you.

When I look into the error… sometimes it has magically resolved itself and it was a waste of time me looking into it. 

Here is an example…

Figure: Booked in Days Report – Refresh History – shows the failed timeout and subsequent successful refreshes

Suggestion #1 – Emails

We currently get an email on refresh failure. We need one on the next success too (only after the last one failed). Please.

Suggestion #2 – UX

Please add a Duration column in the Refresh History table next to the End Time.

Suggestion #3 – UX

Please provide more flexibility with refresh timings by allowing users to pick the time rather than just 30-minute intervals (change from combo to textbox).

Figure: Refresh settings don’t allow flexibility

Suggestion #4 – Please provide more info

The details link unfortunately does not provide much detail apart from saying it was a timeout issue.

Figure: Yellow highlight shows the error but not much detail ☹

This report uses an SSW gateway and my best guess is that this was due to some issue connecting to the Gateway.

If that is the reason it would be helpful to provide that info.

Help me understand how ‘Delay Send’ works

I often have problems giving specific feedback on Microsoft products and this example in Microsoft Outlook is an example.

Delay Send has been a feature I have used since I think the first version back in 1996.

Today I am sending emails to a co-worker at SSW on a Saturday and I see this cool new feature.

I think WOW! And I use it and think this Insight work Microsoft has done is super cool. ⭐

So I wonder how this works and look at “Delivery Options” and then I see this field is out of sync…

  • I think to myself that the old feature I use is client side.
  • I guess the new feature I am trying is server side.
Figure: BTW if I check off that check box “Do not delivery before” it sends the email immediately BAD BUG!!!

So I read the help and am not enlightened. ☹️

Figure: I’d love an “Advanced Help” link to the Microsoft Doc article. If a lot of people are clicking “Advanced Help” it might indicate that the help isn’t quite enough

So let’s tell Microsoft I didn’t like it.

I click “Not useful” and nothing obvious happens (see below image) 


  • I expect to see a red icon and a text field appear
  • I expect to be able to tell Microsoft why it is not useful.
  • I expect to get a URL that I can track the issue. This could be a nice integration point into Microsoft Rewards
Figure: If giving negative feedback, I would feel more heard if the down thumb went red. At least resize the icon to 3 times bigger so I know it was clicked

Help me prevent graph data loss

If you edit a response that has answers, you suddenly lose the nice bars on your graph and they move into the field “Other”. 

Please add a warning “you will lose your graph data as this option has xx responses”.

Figure: Editing response options will move all data into “Other”, without a warning! 🔥