Help me know what resources a client has access to

Inside SSW, we have added a lot of clients into the Teams team. On the downside, you start seeing a lot of names you don’t know.

John is a client and a person I don’t really know. It took me a long time to know what he has access to here at SSW.

On this popup window it would be nice if you show something like this:

John has access to:

  • 1 team
  • 1 DevOps project
  • 2 invoices (via an extensibility point)
Figure: Suggestion – Add a 5th icon here “Activity”  (this would enable the user to learn more about what John has access to)
Figure: On this 3rd tab Activity, please add what John has access to

Advise when the contacted person is busy

When I message someone and don’t pay attention to their status (Busy, In a call, Presenting, etc.) I want the Teams Bot/App to reply with something like:

Adam Cogan is currently in a call and may not be notified of your message. If it is urgent, please click here to send the notification now.

This will be a useful feature so that we are made aware of the recipient’s status before we start pinging them continuously.

Slack has this already implemented with its DND (Do Not Disturb) feature. Link to example: Knock, knock: Introducing Do Not Disturb

Figure: Example image from Slack blog showing their DND feature

Help me easily see the form I work on each week

You know I love Microsoft Teams – I use it every week.

1. Are you going to be doing many changes to this view (I don’t enjoy using it a lot)

2. I am baffled when I see all these groups (when I have never used them)…. can you give the user the ability to remove them? (Even better dont show them if they are 0)

3. The group I use every week never shows up… I expect it to be #1 based on usage… so it kind of seems like a bug to me.

Figure: Sadly Recent Group Forms just shows me junk

Navigation – Help me know where I am

I click a link (sadly an unreadable link):

And I go here.


  1. Where am I? Can you please add a breadcrumb that takes me to the team that this file belongs to (see red arrow)
  2. The ‘Close’ button should be renamed to ‘Cancel’ because it takes you back to where you were eg. the last chat
Figure: The navigation is missing

Help a new Product Owner looking at the Backlog

When a new Product Owner is looking at an unfamiliar backlog, it would be handy to know the *active* developers.

I am thinking of a new tab “People”

Eg. Backlog  |  Analytics  |  People

If you like this idea, I’d love to know how to show the *active* developers. Maybe columns for:

  • Work Item updates
  • Code commits
  • Etc

And some Product Owners are active testers and maintain the backlog. 

Maybe it would also be useful to give stats on the Product Owner too.

…and then you could compare with Product Owners on other projects.

Figure: I want to see the current developers, then I would know I am in the right backlog