Allow me to open in desktop app

When creating a new document directly in Microsoft Teams, Teams always opens the web version of the Office app that you are asking for (e.g. Word).

Please add a checkbox for Teams for open in Desktop App instead.

Figure: Open in Desktop App checkbox here

Note: It even ignores the setting in Teams to always open in the Desktop app:

Figure: Teams ignores its own setting “Open in Desktop App” when creating a new file

Help me find the Team’s email address on the UI (not the channel’s)

When you create a Microsoft Team, the Team has an email address associated with it. However, there is no way to see this email address from within Teams.

Note: There are Channel email addresses that you can view, but these are different.

Microsoft Teams should show the Team email address on the UI – like it does in Outlook.

Figure: Team Channels have an email address that can be viewed from Teams ✔️
Figure: Missing – The Team also have an email address, but this cannot be seen ❌
Figure: This is useful – you can see the Team email address in Outlook | Left nav | Groups | Team name

Help me deploy the right Azure resources from GitHub Actions

There have been awesome improvements to the GitHub Actions “New Workflow” screen as per the blog: Getting started with GitHub Actions just got easier!

Suggestion #1 – Give love to Azure’s Static Site offerings

When adding a GitHub action for a Gatsby GitHub project, in “Deployment” it prompts to “Deploy Node.js to Azure Web App” even though it should suggest these 2 resources:

  • “Azure Static Web Apps”
  • “Static website hosting in Azure Storage”
Figure: Bad example – This repo is a Gatsby app but it doesn’t suggest any static Azure solutions

Suggestion #2 – Give love to Azure Bot Framework

When adding a GitHub action for an Azure Bot Framework GitHub Project, in “Deployment” it prompts to “Deploy .NET Core app to an Azure Web App”, it should also suggest resources like

  • “Azure Bot Service”
  • “Language Understanding (LUIS)”
Figure: Bad example – This repo contains Azure Bot Framework code but it doesn’t suggest resources for Azure Bot Framework and LUIS