Comments – Help me see a summary of everyone’s comments?

Eg. 3 comments from 5 team members should show 15 comments.

Would it make sense to add a menu: Repros | Comments ?

Then I would see a grid of those 15 comments.

In addition, it would be great to be able to hit a button “Send Email” to let your boss get an email:

“Hey, just did this bunch of comments on the code. It would be good if we could get this project prioritized next week.”

Figure: Allow us to see the current comments to resolve

Help Chinese Android users know how to download Teams

In China, everything is hard and amazing. Chinese users on an iPhone have no trouble downloading Teams.
Android users, talk about plenty of pain if they go down the wrong route.

Basically, they find it hard to download. The Teams website, tells you to download it via the Google store which is bad advice in China (all Google services are blocked by the Great Firewall of China 🇨🇳).

Here is one example of a senior developer:

  • It took me about 4 hours to install Teams, more specifically to download it
  • I tried to install it via Google services first, but obviously, it failed.
  • Then I searched and downloaded 3 APK files from my PC, but all of them are too old.
  • Finally, I installed it from Mi store (aka Xiaomi store).

In summary:
In China, no you don’t need a get on a VPN to get Teams downloaded. For an Android user, you have 2 options to install. You can install it via the Mi store or AppChina. The Mi store is the best approach – Eden Liang (from SSW in Hangzhou) has recorded a video to help others. Here is the video:

Help me move part of a conversation

I am on a mobile device a lot E.g. iOS and often people send tasks on it.

Currently, I can only select 1 message at a time and copy and paste somewhere else.


Allow me to select a bunch of messages and pop up the menu and see:

  • Copy and paste
  • Send to a new email
  • Send to OneNote
  • Send to Azure DevOps work item
  • Send to Trello

Figure: I want to combine these 4 messages and send to an email

What does ‘ok’ mean?

During a sprint review, I watched Alvin enter a whole lot of data, close the form, click ‘ok’ and then lose all his work. Grrr!

Let’s change the OK button!

See below…

Figure 1: The default OK button tend to lead people not save the changes

The default ‘OK’ button led me to not save the changes. Which was very confusing!

On the other hand, most apps have the default button as Save the changes (e.g. Microsoft Word).

That is much more user-friendly.

Figure 2: The default button always saves the changes

This is important and in my opinion, I hope Microsoft fix this to make more sense.

Check battery status of ALL my devices from iOS Notification Center

Currently, on my iPad, I cannot see my iPhone battery status

Notification Center on iPhone and iPad includes an optional widget that allows users to check the battery life of other devices connected through Bluetooth. Essentially this means you can quickly see what the remaining battery percentage of not just the device in hand, but also of an Apple Watch from an iPhone.

Figure: I see this on my iPhone, but I want to see it on my iPad

One thing this feature is missing which would be a great addition is the ability to check a related MacBook battery, as well as seeing the remaining battery of other iOS devices. Perhaps in a future version, we’ll gain such a function.