Help me see the status messages

Sometimes you see a message like this:

3 or more members are out of the office or have a status message

Unfortunately it is not immediately obvious where to read them. 

Currently you can open the top-right-hand pane, then from there hover over the people’s icons and see their status.

I have a suggestion that could remove this papercut by adding a button called “View” straight from the message we see.

Figure: “View” link opens panel

Let me know my account doesn’t have access instead of a 404

Trying to access some photos on Google Photos as per Do you manage your photos? but I’ve got a 404:

Figure: The photos existed but the message tells me otherwise

We later realized I was using a wrong account (login).

At first, I didn’t even think about changing accounts because I got a 404. Instead, we would expect to see a message like:

You have no permissions to see these photos.

Help me have a quiet experience when traveling on a freeway

Reduce inside noise as per the thread below.

I have a Tesla Model S. Has anyone noticed that the road and wind noise is much greater in the Tesla than other comparable cars like BMW and Mercedes? Those cars are much quieter. 

by Frank Kemper