Microsoft Loop – Help me store my Loop pages with my Teams

Microsoft Loop offers a fantastic platform for team collaboration. However, Loop is not yet a practical product to use in Teams. I really want to use Loop like I use my Notes tab in Teams.

Figure: A Loop Tab (Like the Notes Tab) would be awesome

When Loop pages are created in Loop and the link is copied and shared to a team, the file stays in the creator’s workspace. When the creator leaves the company, the link is broken.

Figure: Loop component created in a workspace in Loop

A Loop component can be added to a Teams post and that creates a .loop file in the Teams storage, which is great. But only one Loop component per post can be created and must be pinned so that the rest of the Team can find it.

Figure: Create a Loop component | Add it to a Post (1 Component Per Post) | Then Pin it

Figure: Good example – Loop component stored in Team file library

Using the Notes tab, multiple Loop components can be added. Strangely, those Loop files are stored in the creator’s OneDrive, not in the Teams storage. Once again, if the creator leaves, the link will be broken.

Figure: Multiple Loop components added to Notes in Teams

Figure: Bad example – Loop files are saved to the creator’s OneDrive – not in Teams

I really want to use Loop in Teams, but, at the moment it is not ready for a Teams environment.