Help me see a large camera preview

Camtasia 2021 is a big step up from the 2018 and 2019 versions.

See rule:

Tip: Camtasia 2021 is recommended because it vastly improves upon 2018 and 2019. 

Just before you record, you might want to check small details in the background. One piece of pain is you can not see the full screen of your laptop’s camera in Camtasia.

The workaround was not easy enough to discover when you have 3 people standing around you.

Workaround Tip: To see the full screen, first turn off the camera in Camtasia, then open the Windows Camera App.

It would be great if Camtasia allowed a “preview” of the full camera. See the below screenshots for details.

If that cannot be done, please add a link “Preview Hack” that pops a message to turn off Camtasia’s camera… and once done, will launch the Windows Camera app.

Figure: The Camtasia app that we cannot preview the Camera with (well it is too small)
Figure: This is what you want. To use the Windows Camera app to preview the Camera