Help me do less clicking by showing number of items

Dear Microsoft Teams,

I’d love to do less clicking… seeing nothing… and then going back.

E.g. An example of that kind of frustration would be clicking on “Files” (when there is nothing in that folder) then seeing nothing and going back.

And get

Can you change the iPhone mobile app to show the number of items by default?




   Files (0)
   Wiki (4)
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Help me be able to use @team (in Microsoft Teams and TFS Work Items)

Dear Microsoft Teams Team

You might have already thought about this, but I find myself wanting to notify everyone in the team… so intuitively I just want to type ‘all’

Suggestion: We should be able to use @team or @all instead of typing out the current team’s name.

Figure: Here I would prefer to type “@team” instead of the team name “@Mark & Adam”

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Dear TFS Team

It goes without saying I’d like other Microsoft products to work in a similar way.

The most pressing would be TFS work items.

Figure: Here I would love to be able to address the whole team with “@team”