Outlook should support treating Emails as Tasks

We believe that email is at it’s most effective when you’re using your inbox as a task list. If you need to ask someone a question it’s usually a better option to use the phone. If you are asking someone to do something however, email works really well, because you then have a record of the task – with the date and time as well. Outlook should encourage you using your email as a task tracking system, and provide a way you can see the status of emails.

When you send an email there should be a field ‘Action’ with these choices:

  • Task – Action Required (default)
  • FYI – email is for information purposes only, no action required

Please add a status combo field to emails (should appear by default in sent items):

  1. N/A was a FYI
  2. N/A by Adam on 21/9/2005
  3. Replied Not Resolved
  4. Not Replied in \\Tim\inbox
  5. Not Replied deleted from \\Tim\inbox