SharePoint Intranets – Suggestion for Site Usage

I know that Microsoft have recently invested in giving us some stats to help us make our intranet’s better…

I’ve taken a look at https://<Tenant> and I can see Site/Hub Usage stats on our Site Collection.

However, there are a few things that could be improved:

1. Sync top & bottom widgets – Popular content is locked to 7 days,  it should be in sync with the top selector

Figure: The filters should be in sync (I.e. when you change the top one, the bottom one should change

2. Hub Usage only allows 7 or 30 days – inconsistently the Site Usage allows 7, 30, or 90 days in the timespan selector

3. Missing the users – We should have a widget to see the most active users (we do have widgets to see sites, pages, news, documents… why not users?)

Figure: In Documents – I can see a file name but it would be good to know it’s location

4. Documents – (see bottom right widget) It would be useful to know where the documents are from (i.e. which Site Collection/Site/Library). This could be a card on hover or simply an extra column in the widget.