Help Chinese Android users know how to download Teams

In China, everything is hard and amazing. Chinese users on an iPhone have no trouble downloading Teams.
Android users, talk about plenty of pain if they go down the wrong route.

Basically, they find it hard to download. The Teams website, tells you to download it via the Google store which is bad advice in China (all Google services are blocked by the Great Firewall of China 🇨🇳).

Here is one example of a senior developer:

  • It took me about 4 hours to install Teams, more specifically to download it
  • I tried to install it via Google services first, but obviously, it failed.
  • Then I searched and downloaded 3 APK files from my PC, but all of them are too old.
  • Finally, I installed it from Mi store (aka Xiaomi store).

In summary:
In China, no you don’t need a get on a VPN to get Teams downloaded. For an Android user, you have 2 options to install. You can install it via the Mi store or AppChina. The Mi store is the best approach – Eden Liang (from SSW in Hangzhou) has recorded a video to help others. Here is the video: